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Stephanie is a Dallas wedding and portrait photographer capturing opulent gatherings and refined celebrations rooted in truth, legacy, and delight. Her kindred approach to wedding photography is a testament to the moments that made you–and the loved ones you shared them with.

An Intimate Elopement at Church of the Blessed Sacrament in NYC

Today, I’m thrilled to share with you the heartwarming images of Callie Hayes and Derek Braun’s intimate elopement at Church of the Blessed Sacrament in the heart of New York City. Nestled on W 71st St, at the historic Church of the Blessed Sacrament, this couple embarked on their forever journey in a beautiful Catholic ceremony surrounded by love.

A fascinating fact about the Church of the Blessed Sacrament in New York City is that it boasts a stunning interior adorned with intricate artwork, including a magnificent altarpiece designed by Tiffany & Co. This breathtaking masterpiece adds a touch of artistic grandeur to the church’s sacred atmosphere, captivating visitors with its beauty and craftsmanship.

Catholic wedding ceremony held at Church of the Blessed Sacrament

Getting Ready

Trump International Hotel NYC – Upper West Side

From the moment Callie stepped into her gown, a tender bond between mother and daughter radiated throughout the day. Their sweet moment captured the essence of their relationship, adding an extra layer of sentimentality to this already emotional day. Then, the first look with her father was nothing short of precious – witnessing her in her bridal glory brought tears to his eyes, a moment frozen in time. She wore her mothers bridal robe to add a touch of elegance & nostalgia to the day.

Mother touches daughters face on wedding day
Relatives of the bride put on her necklace
Trump International Hotel – New York – Stephanie Michelle Photography
Bride spraying perfume on herself
Trump International Hotel – New York – Stephanie Michelle Photography
Older sister excited to watch her younger sister get married

The Ceremony

Church of Blessed Sacrament

The Parish of the Blessed Sacrament was founded in 1887. 

The atmosphere? Pure serenity. Calm, casual, and stress-free. It was as if the universe conspired to ensure nothing could disturb their blissful elopement. With only 18 of their nearest and dearest in attendance, the intimacy of the ceremony truly shone through, each moment cherished in the company of those who mattered most. This is the beauty of eloping in New York City! Callie’s walk down the aisle with both of her parents was awe striking especially with the big beautiful Rose Window behind them.

At the heart of their union, Callie Hayes and Derek Braun embraced the rich traditions of their Catholic faith with a deeply meaningful ceremony. In a poignant gesture, they presented a bouquet to the Virgin Mary, a timeless tradition symbolizing their devotion and seeking her blessings for their journey ahead. This act, deeply rooted in Catholic symbolism, honors the importance of faith and family in their lives, weaving together the sacred and the personal in a beautiful tapestry of love and devotion.

Bride walking up stairs of Church of the Blessed Sacrament
Bride waving hello to the camera
New York Wedding Photography
Bride walking down the aisle with both of her parents
Giving away the bride to her soon to be husband
Bride & Groom walking out of church pronounced husband and wife
Bride & Groom excited to be married walking down steps of Church of the Blessed Sacrament
Church of the Blessed Sacrament – New York City – 152 W 71st St, New York, NY 10023

Roaming the Streets of New York

Portrait Time at Central Park West

After exchanging vows, the newlyweds ventured to Central Park, where the cherry blossoms adorned the landscape, a stroke of luck that added an ethereal touch to their day. Against the backdrop of Bethesda Terrace, I had the honor of capturing their love in timeless portraits, each frame encapsulating the essence of their bond after their elopement.

But let’s talk about Bethesda Terrace for a moment – a true gem of New York City. Steeped in history and romance. This iconic location has played host to countless love stories, both on and off the silver screen. From “Enchanted” to “The Avengers,” its grandeur has captivated audiences worldwide, and now, it served as the picturesque backdrop for Callie and Derek’s love story.

Newlyweds walking in the streets on NYC off 5th Ave
New York Elopement Photography
Bethesda Fountain
Bethesda Terrace – Central Park – New York City
Bethesda Terrace
Bethesda Terrace – Central Park – New York City
Bride & Groom adore each other in Bethesda Terrace
Callie + Derek at Bethesda Terrance in Central Park

In such an intimate setting, surrounded by the beauty of Central Park, every moment shared between the bride and groom felt like a scene from a fairytale. Their love, palpable in the air, danced amidst the cherry blossoms and whispered promises of forever.

Bride + Groom nuzzle each other in front of a bloomed cherry blossom tree In central park
New York City in the Spring – Cherry Blossoms are blooming!

Wrapping Up

A love story for the ages

As we wrap up, Callie Hayes and Derek Braun, your love story is one for the ages – a testament to the enduring power of love, the beauty of intimacy, and the magic of New York City. As you journey through life hand in hand, may each day be filled with the same joy, love, and serenity that graced your special day in the heart of the city that never sleeps. See our other New York City portfolio work here!

With love and admiration,
Stephanie Michelle Photography

Other Images from the day

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Stephanie Michelle Photography in front of Eiffel Tower in Paris

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Bride & Groom excited to be Just Married

Bride & Groom kissing in Bethesda Terrace