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Stephanie is a Dallas | Fort Worth wedding and portrait photographer capturing opulent gatherings and refined celebrations rooted in truth, legacy, and delight. Her kindred approach to wedding photography is a testament to the moments that made you–and the loved ones you shared them with. 

The best part? Because you know how to show them a good time, your guests aren’t likely to forget your wedding day, either (and that includes your carefully curated playlist of 90s & 2000s R&B). 





You deserve breathtaking wedding photographs that do the talking (for all the times you can’t). 

As a camera slinging wedding crasher, I’ve been to my fair share of soirees. 

the journey begins here

The photographs we create are just the beginning






It takes a certain kind of je ne sais quoi to channel the energy of a wedding day without sacrificing a good vibe. When the atmosphere is electric, it’s my superpower to bring calm to chaos–and to be your own personal hype girl while I do it. Picture that moment at the end of a long day when you plunge into the tub with a lavender-scented bath bomb floating around, plus champagne and wedding cake (because you know I’m gonna make sure you get a slice). 

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Let’s put a face to the name.
Hey! I’m Stephanie.

It’s this approach that’s helped me find the in-between moments through the buzz of a wedding day when the pace is moving a mile a minute.

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Imagine your wedding photographer bringing the kind of “cool, calm, collected” energy you’d expect from an older sister who’s your go-to girl for gossip (and life advice).

With a delicate balance of intuition, energy, and a keen eye for finding incredible light wherever I go, I’m out to make you feel like one of my own–because you are! 

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one on one

But did you ever consider that your wedding day could be so much more than a fetê to remember (plus Jimmy Choos)? 

ou and I both know your wedding day is bound to be a damn good time–with taste like yours and an eye for unforgettable experiences, I wouldn’t expect anything less. 



Don’t get me wrong–you’d be the first to admit that this isn’t about a wedding, but about building a marriage made to last. If you ask me, your wedding day is a love letter to the life that’s brought you here; For every hug, every scraped knee, every heart-to-heart, every belly laugh, every hangover, every all-nighter, every tender glance, every midnight dance party in the kitchen…your wedding day is the greatest opportunity you have to honor the moments that made you–and the loved ones you shared them with. 

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As one season blends into another, you'll remember your wedding day to be the transformative experience you always knew it would be - a living testament to the promises you've made and the legacy you have yet to create.

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