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Downtown Dallas Engagement Session | Brittany + Chris

May 20, 2019

I can’t even believe that we had ONE beautiful day here in Texas! It has been raining HARD nonstop lately and Brittany & Chris got SO lucky with this weather yesterday!! We snagged some of the BEST spots in Downtown Dallas around Flora street for their engagement session and it was such a success that I cannot wait to go back! I’ve been saying this since yesterday but I truly don’t know what I’m doing to get THE BEST couples in the whole state of Texas! Brittany and Chris are two peas in a pod and mirror each other in every move, smile, and glance. I caught a small glimpse into their relationship at their engagement session and they just made me melt into a puddle at my feet. Chris is so sweet, so kind, and graceful with Brittany!! We had some great laughs during posing and hell, I even posed with them to make the “awkwardness” go away 😉

Here’s how they met:

Chris and I met at a local bar in Lewisville. I was out with approx. 4-6 of my girlfriends for ladies night, and happened to see Chris across the bar. As the night went on, an older drunk man kept coming up to me with my girlfriends and bothering us… I finally told the man to back up and go on about his business, we didn’t have time for that!! Geesh!!! But…. He still wouldn’t leave us alone! That’s when Chris came up randomly to our table and told the drunk man to leave us women alone, and that he has over heard us girls telling him numerous times to backup and he is still harassing us. Chris then looked at me and said “I am going to make sure you do not leave when this man is here.” I told him I appreciated it, and that my name was Brittany… the next day I woke up to a message on Facebook stating “hope you made it home safely and sorry you had to deal with thatweirdo”. I knew instantly it was that “guy” from the bar the night before. He swears to this day now that I messaged him, but he is soooo wrong!! LOL

How did he propose?

He proposed to me at my mother in law’s house during my sons 1st birthday celebration. We were also announcing that day that I was pregnant with my second child (which was a huge surprise). After my son opened his gifts and we had done his “smash cake”, all of a sudden everyone started heading out to the back yard?? I couldn’t figure out whateveryone was doing except the thought that my “crazy picture taking mother inlaw” was once again harassing everyone to get together for a group photo!! (She never stops taking photos/ but also it’sliterally like looking at a flip book of pictures/ it’s a huge joke around thefamily!) So…. Everyone is standing around waiting on a picture to be taken?? Andall a sudden Chris raises up on our Skidster (concrete machine) above the fenceline connected to a harness standing on top of a huge rock/boulder and says… “Babe, I know you’ve always said youwanted a big rock… well here is your big rock right here” ( pointing to theboulder he’s standing on)… I right then and there knew he was proposing. Helowered down on the machine, hopped the fence and got down on one knee… GAMEOVER GIRLFRIEND!! Got my man and my “fat rock” LOL 😉

Chris and Brittany have been engaged since August 22, 2015! They will be officially married on October 5, 2019 at Knotting Hill in Dallas! I. CANNOT. WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!

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